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danny kimm

aspiring cyborg psychologist | SPEAKER | consultant

Danny Kim catalyzes individuals and organizations to perform at their best. 

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Danny is experienced in helping individuals design their personal and professional callings. He asks insightful questions at pivotal moments to help leaders make critical decisions that have long-term implications. He is a gifted facilitator who creates psychologically safe environments for individual thinking and group collaboration. As a storyteller and keynote speaker, Danny inspires movement and momentum. 

Danny works with individuals and organizations of all sizes creating compelling experiences to help individuals and teams maximize their potential. He is on faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership as well as being an experienced Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths coach. He has conducted over 500 individual coaching conversations as well as facilitating workshops and presenting in front of thousands of millennials. 

Danny holds a Masters of Divinity and is currently working on his doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. His doctorate will focus on the impact of smartphone distraction on workplace productivity and speaks to organizations about how to harness the power of technology without hindering human connection. 

Gallup StrengthsFinder Top 5 Themes:

Includer | Activator | Communication | Command | Self-assurance 




Type 8, Wing 7


I love my clients! 


keynote speaker

Stories are the currency of this generation. Using words and story-telling, I create meaningful experiences for audiences all around the world. 


executive coach

Leaders set the vision, values, and culture of any organization. But often, leaders feel alone or clueless to their blindspots. As an executive coach, I bring insight and awareness to lead organizational change. 

Performance consultant

"People don't leave jobs, they leave managers." Performance development is necessary for organizations to meet the bottom line while creating a highly engaged and healthy culture.