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Danny Kim catalyzes individuals and organizations to perform at their best. 

Danny coaches leaders when the stakes are high and decisions are complex. Using the power of inquiry, Danny asks insightful questions at pivotal moments to help leaders gain clarity and take courageous action. He is a gifted facilitator who creates psychologically safe environments for individual thinking and group collaboration. As a storyteller and keynote speaker, Danny inspires movement and momentum.

Danny is an Organizational Consultant at Centauric working with individuals and organizations of all sizes creating compelling experiences to help individuals and teams maximize their potential. He is an on-call faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership as well as an experienced Gallup-Certified Clifton Strengths coach.

Danny holds a Masters of Divinity and is currently working on his doctorate in I/O Psychology. His dissertation will focus on the relationship between problematic smartphone use and emotional intelligence.

Danny lives in San Diego, CA with his wife EJ and two dogs. He enjoys surfing, watching the Lakers, and meaningful conversations over a good cup of coffee.