Why I Write...

I love stories. I love a good story! It's exciting to hear, listen, and be part of someone's story, isn't it? But sometimes I wonder if stories are experienced in someone's life so that they can merely go and tell about it. Rather than living an authentic story behind closed doors, I sometimes wonder if stories are sought after simply to be able to tell an applauding audience about it. I know that makes me sick to my stomach but how often do I do that in my life? How often am I hunting for stories without quickly trying to find the teaching moment or point? Part of the reason I don't really do this if I'm honest is because I have a bad memory. But the reality is, sometimes God invites us into stories in order for us to have an experience with him, just him, not with everyone else on Facebook or in your up-and-coming blog. I think that's part of the challenge. Can we live great stories--incredibly abundant stories--without having to ever share about them? What would our world look like if we started focusing on living great stories rather than trying to tell about them? 

As I sit here in front of my computer screen, I ask myself the same question: What are the stories I'm living right now that I live only so I can tell someone else about it? What are those things? Am I actually doing it because I want to spotlight it or make a cool video or something like that? Even as someone who makes videos, I have found myself trying to capture the moment rather than letting the moment transform all of who I am. 

Today, I am invited to live a great story. Every moment of every day is meant to be lived to it's fullest. When I eat, when I rest, when I write, when I fail. Every moment of every day is a great story, whether we have the opportunity to boast or brag about it. 

Then why don't I live like that? Why do I only live courageously when I'm about to tweet about it? Why don't I live like I mean it when I don't have a means to communicate it? These are the questions I find myself asking this morning.