Listening Together

"In our wordy world we usually spend our time together talking. We feel most comfortable in sharing experiences, discussing interesting subjects, or arguing about current issues. It is through a very active verbal exchange that we try to discover each other. But often we find that words function more as walls than as gates, more as ways to keep distance than to come close. Often–even against our own desires–we find ourselves competing with each other. We try to prove to each other that we are worth being paid attention to, that we have something to show that makes us special. 
The discipline of community helps us to be silent together. This disciplined silence is not an embarrassing silence, but a silence in which together we pay attention to the Lord who calls us together. In this way we come to know each other not as people who cling anxiously to our self-constructed identity, but as people who are loved by the same God in a very intimate and unique way...
In this listening together to the word of God, a true creative silence can grow. This silence is a silence filled with the caring presence of God. Thus listening together to the word can free us from our competition and rivalry and allow us to recognize our true identity as sons and daughters of the same loving God and brothers and sisters of our Lord Jesus Christ, and thus of each other." 
- Henri Nouwen

Tell the Truth

"We don't know what you see. We have no idea what you're thinking. We need your contribution, your vision, your truth. Yes, for a long time, for most of your life, we demanded you ask for instructions and that you comply. We're ready now though for you to show up and lead us. Ready for your contribution. We're ready for you to tell us your truth. Not THE truth, but your truth. The truth of the world as you see it and as you wish it to be." 

- Seth Godin

Inward Journey

"The love of Jesus will give you an ever-clearer vision of your call as well as of the many attempts to pull you away from that call. The more you are called to speak of God’s love, the more you will need to deepen the knowledge of that love in your own heart. The farther the outward journey takes you, the deeper the inward journey must be. Only when your roots are deep can your fruits be abundant."
-Henri Nouwen