Legacy is God's idea. It's about making a difference in the world. If God didn't believe in legacy, He wouldn't have written the Bible; He wouldn't have sent Jesus into the world; He wouldn't have kept those ancient stories in the Bible about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; He would have never retold the story of Moses or Paul or his disciples. Legacy is God's idea and it's about living into God's legacy as He chooses to let us live our own legacy. When we live in God's legacy, God allows us to create a legacy as an act of worship. 

But what keeps us from living or creating a meaningful legacy? I think a lot of it is expectations. Often our expectations about ourselves or what the world tells us a legacy is dwarfs our understanding of what true legacy is all about. Our fears get in the way of actually living out a legacy that we were destined to live. Legacy is about making a difference through the power of Jesus in us. It's not just about our own legacy. It's about leaving a legacy that has Jesus written all over it. Our own personal legacies at the end of the day only matter in light of the greater legacy that God is writing. It's His story, and we get to be part of it. 

Last month Chris and I got a chance to talk about Legacy at Epic Spring Retreat. We got to share about what this concept means and what it means to live out of the legacy God has placed us in. God doesn't have expectations of us, rather he is expectant. He doesn't look at us saying, "You better do this or that" but rather he says, "I can't wait for you to believe in how I believe in you. I can't wait to see all the great things I have awaiting for you."

Legacy is about us stepping into God's legacy. Legacy is about believing in a God who wants to create a legacy for us and being caught up in what he is already doing. Legacy is about something beyond ourselves. Legacy can't be created by ourselves but necessarily involves others and in community. Legacy is about others and not just about our own fame and glory. Legacy is God's idea, not ours. We were made to leave a legacy so what legacy are you leaving today?