TEMPO: The Counterintuitive Way to Multiple Your Minutes

This workshop was presented at the United Way San Diego Emerging Leaders Council on April 4, 2018. 

Time is a reality that is difficult to avoid. In pop culture, writers and movie makers understand this tension as they approach "time" in unique ways. Here are some examples: 


There are two important elements to manage time: mental and physical. I used an hourglass to depict this concept. An hourglass is a simple way to measure time. As sand passes through the middle, time is measured and visualized. One side of the hourglass is mental and the other side is physical. The nice thing about this analogy is that the hourglass can be flipped and "restarted". 

Hourglass Worksheet.jpg

I started the workshop with three simple questions. Here were the responses to the following questions:

What's one word to describe your relationship with time?

If you had more time, what would you do?

What gets in the way of your productivity?


People shared a variety of responses but the one that stuck out to me was in the final question of what gets in the way of productivity. The number one response was "Distractions/smartphones". This is true of where we are today. We are distracted by the very devices that are supposed to make us more productive. See resources at the bottom for books and a few apps to help with smartphone distractions. 


A chronotype is your natural circadian rhythm. Knowing your chronotype can be helpful in figuring out your optimal time of productivity. Not sure whether you're a lark, owl or third bird? Take the free assessment now