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Never Lead alone

Coaching leaders towards clarity, courage & Community


Leadership is lonely

As leaders are elevated in their organization, a common mantra is: “Who can I turn to?” Being a leader can be a lonely place because of the social, emotional, and professional expectations that come with the role.

I support leaders by providing a safe and confidential space for open and honest dialogue. I seek to ask thoughtful questions, actively listen, and meet you where you are.


Leadership is complex

With an increasingly dynamic and demanding workplace, there isn’t a “silver-bullet” solution to anything. Business strategies, board demands, and direct reports can be exponentially challenging.

I support leaders to gain clarity by customizing a pathway towards collecting human-centered data. This approach includes surveys, interviews, and discovery.


Leadership is paralyzing

When there isn’t one right answer, “getting-it-right” can be paralyzing. Sometimes, leadership requires the courage to put one foot in front of the other.

I support leaders by creating a simple roadmap to solve some of their biggest challenges. We work together to accomplish impactful and simple steps.

I coach leaders to gain clarity, take courageous action, and cultivate meaningful community.


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Danny hosted a StrengthsFinder workshop for our team at The Giving Keys, and we all walked away stronger for it. He allowed us to uncover the diversity of strengths, backgrounds and life experiences at our company, but also helped us to create a common language and frame for relating to each other and celebrating our differences. Since that time, we’ve used our StrengthsFinder in our onboarding, performance management, and goal setting. I would highly recommend Danny to any team or individual who is looking to unlock the power of StrengthFinders in their company culture.
— Bentley Coplin, Former Director of Culture @ The Giving Keys
Danny is a natural-born leader with infectious enthusiasm and commanding, yet warm presence. He has a deep care for people and a genuine desire to connect people to their human uniqueness and awareness of self and purpose. Daniel left a lasting impression on our company after hiring him as a consultant and I confidently recommend him as a creative and charismatic coach, speaker, and leader.
— Kenzie Leas, People & Culture
I sought out Danny as I was developing my business and creating an effective and efficient team who operates in their giftings. I knew that I did not have the insight or ability to do it on my own and am thankful that I sought him out. He has delivered valuable insight and actionable goals which have led to great progress within the organization.
— Aaron C. Smith, Account Executive @ Card Connect
Danny is an exceptional leader, discerning coach and consultant, and compelling speaker. He has the unique ability to relate to — and bring out the best in — practically everyone. I can’t recommend him more highly.
— Denise Lee Yohn, Brand Leadership Expert
Danny is ten-talent leader. His greatest leadership strength is his ability to be vulnerable. As a strengths coach, Danny has an uncanny ability to excavate hidden talent in people. He helps people come truly alive by inspiring them to live with greater purpose!
— Paul Sohn, Founder and CEO @ QARA
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Danny Kim catalyzes individuals and organizations to perform at their best. 

Danny coaches leaders when the stakes are high and decisions are complex. Using the power of inquiry, Danny asks insightful questions at pivotal moments to help leaders gain clarity and take courageous action. He is a gifted facilitator who creates psychologically safe environments for individual thinking and group collaboration. As a storyteller and keynote speaker, Danny inspires movement and momentum.

Danny is an Organizational Consultant at Centauric working with individuals and organizations of all sizes creating compelling experiences to help individuals and teams maximize their potential. He is an on-call faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership as well as an experienced Gallup-Certified Clifton Strengths coach.

Danny holds a Masters of Divinity and is currently working on his doctorate in I/O Psychology. His dissertation will focus on the relationship between problematic smartphone use and emotional intelligence.

Danny lives in San Diego, CA with his wife EJ and two dogs. He enjoys surfing, watching the Lakers, and meaningful conversations over a good cup of coffee.

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